Easter cycle tour with Carol - day 2

An easy day planned after the epic ride from Kings Cross to London.  We had a B&B booked in Chatteris simply because the Half Man Half Biscuit song asks, "For what is Chatteris without you in it?", however we'd looked at the ride from Chatteris to Grantham and looked at the weather reports and decided to bail early - new plan - we'd cycle to Cambridge and catch the train to Grantham.  My sister lives in Grantham and it would give us the chance to relax and spend some time with her.

With a slight tailwind and a beautiful day ahead of us, we left the B&B in Heydon and rolled pretty much downhill all the way to Duxford and past the aerodrome.  This felt like "famous five" style cycling - easy and with your legs stretched out in front of you enjoying the freewheeling pleasure.

Rolling in to Cambridge was fairly straightforward too; we took the little lanes to get as close as we could and apart from some traffic taking short cuts and buzzing past it was fairly quiet.  I like to cycle next to Carol, but these roads weren't permitting that.  However, as we approached Cambridge we started to see cycle lanes - and they were decent cycle lanes too - taking us past busy junctions nice and easily.  This was proving to be a second day of bright warm sunshine and easy cycling.  We were getting facebook reports of dreadful weather back in Teesside and were very glad we'd come to Cambridgeshire for our holiday.

We rode to the Station, bought tickets for Grantham (aiming to arrive at 4:30pm), and then found, next to the station, a secure bicycle park at for £1.50/day.  Brilliant!  We were able to get changed and leave our bicycles and luggage all safe and secure while we took a walk around Cambridge.  It was time for the next culinary treat I had planned... the Rainbow Cafe.  The Rainbow Cafe is a celebrated Vegan Cafe opposite the Kings College, we arrived early for lunch and it's good we did; by the time we left people were queuing out the building.  I had the Pepper Pot, but I think Carol had a fantastic Shepherdess Pie:

Shepherdess Pie £9.95 vgfn†
Super healthy low GI. Adapted from Gillian’s recipe. ! Adzuki beans, celery, carrot and seasonal root vegetables in a traditional ‘Court Boullion’ gravy, topped with mashed sweet potato and sprinkled with toasted almonds. Served on brown rice.

Pepper Pot £9.95 vgfn
Another West Indian favourite - fiery hot as the Caribbean, jewel peppers, seasonal pumpkin, carrot, onion, garlic, tamarind, coconut and much more. Served on rice’n’peas.

During this holiday, Carol and I had some long conversations about meat/vegan/vegetarian food and I have to say that (as a dedicated meat-eater) I'm really impressed with vegan food.  Once you step away from the need to replace meat with a meat-substitute and start to cook genuine dishes which don't require meat you start to discover a whole world of flavour.  (There is a lot more to this thought process which includes how much healthier vegetarians look too.)

After the cafe we spent the afternoon walking round Cambridge taking photos and watching punting students.  When the time came to catch the train we'd seen enough as there is only so much "busy town time" the pair of us can manage.  As we rode the train past Ely the rain came started, blattering against the carriage windows and reminding us we'd made the right choice.  It was raining in Grantham too, so capes and coats came out for the short journey to my sister's flat.

To round off the evening I rode out with my sister to watch her compete in the Witham Wheelers TT10;  rather her than me in that weather!

We spent the next day inside watching the rain fall...