Revising plans because recovery from illness takes time

My plan to ride the Plains 300 took a hit when I fell ill in Finland at the beginning of April.  It took me two weeks to recover from the cough and cold, and my first few trips back onto two wheels were hard work.  My first ride round Yarm (16km) took almost an hour.  I'm guessing there was a complete absence of glycogen in my muscles .  My second ride was a 60km route with the gentle Stockton Wheelers Sunday Club Run and I enjoyed the pace and the company but fell fast asleep upon getting home.  Recovering from a cold isn't always instant.

So I'm feeling a lot better now and in two weeks I'll be staring down the barrel of my very first Audax and instead of it being a 100km, 200km or 300km ride it will be the Severn Across 400km ride.  I'm not sure anyone would suggest taking a 400km route from outside London to Wales and back as a first audax ride, but this is what I'm now facing.

I have plans to replace the Plains 300 with a DIY 300.  I'll post more details on that after the event because (shhh) the event is a secret!

In the meantime I'm also toying with the idea of fitting in a couple of Club 10 TT rides.  Not 100% sure about whether this is a good idea, but I haven't done any all-out fast rides for a while and it would be good to see if I could beat my 2008 PB of 25:56.

So, not a ride report, but and update on how I'm feeling and when i expect to get back to riding further or faster.

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