Deep sea cycling

The weather has been challenging recently, wind and rain.  Floods.  A lot of people are coping with flooded homes, loss of property, and some are even coping with loss of loved ones.  The short days and dark nights are quite depressing.  I took my wife out for a ride yesterday and it ended abruptly when the absence of friction between her tyres and the road brought her crashing down.  We sheepishly headed home.

Today I headed out for a brief ride, a figure of eight with Seamer at the center   This is not a difficult or challenging ride, it's only 30km and took just over an hour.  The scenery was worth commenting on though, the flooded fields reflecting the bright sunlight made it difficult to see occasionally.  There was run off water across the roads and twice this was deep enough to submerge the bottom bracket of the bicycle.

Outside Seamer, near Low Fields farm there used to be a Ford.  This was replaced with a proper tunnel under the road for the stream to use, but they never removed the sign.  Today the Ford was back as the stream flowed both under and over the road surface.

Cycling really lifted my spirits for a while - getting out of the house into the sunshine and forging ahead through the wind and deep water gave me a sense of achievement to my day.  So I'm home looking at the Audax Calendar for 2013 and wondering if I'll be strong enough, or have the time to meet any of these challenges.  I'd also like to see my wife complete a Randonneur 500 award, which requires she complete a 50km, 100km, 150km series and also a 200km ride at Brevet Randonneur pace (minimum of 15kph).

The goal of supporting Carol takes priority over any other goals I have for cycling in 2013... but of course, if the opportunity presents itself I'd like to get a couple of longer rides in.  They may be hard but I really enjoyed the challenge.  So the list I've drawn up for one or the other of us is:

There is the possibility of an SR series mixed in there - and one which comes with AAA points, so an AAA_SR for 2013?  As I said before, it really depends on how fit and healthy Carol is, how the work and family calendar works out, and how good a husband and Dad I'm being in between.  Audaxing is fun, but not at the expense of wife and family. I hope others are finding the time to ride through this awful weather.  Winter miles = Summer smiles.

I also pray for those suffering much more from the wind, rain and flooding.  I hope you find safety and recover quickly.

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