Happy New Year!

Out for a ride on the first of January 2013, a short 27 km ride in the sunshine on slightly icy roads; what a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year.  Most people will feel that 2012 was a washout of a year; the weather, the rain, the rain and some more rain... but having said all that I managed to cover 8550 km in my spare time, I rode through the Alpes with Suzanne, I completed a Super Randonneur series with Audax UK.  I toured with Carol, and with some friends we cycled Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast in two days as well as the obligatory "Halo Velo" around all the churches in the Stokesley Deanery.  If 2012 was a 'bad' year, I can't wait to see what 2013 holds!

Looking forward excitedly to 2013 I have already entered 2 audaxes;
I'm not certain I'll be ready for a 600 km ride by 18th May, but to help me on my way I have determined to lose 20kg weight and reach a 70 kg target in time for the event.  Or try damn hard to get there.

Another aspiration for 2013 is to do some adventure touring with the kids.  So we are currently toying with a classic Sustrans C2C camping holiday with the whole family.  It will be interesting to see what happens with that.

The last aspiration is to run an audax myself, give something back to the Audax community.

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