Received wisdom

The internet is a vast source of misinformation and filtering for valuable knowledge isn't easy, so when it comes to preparing for a long distance event like London-Edinburgh-London it is useful to have someone pull together current received wisdom.  Have fun everyone... I hope some of these thoughts on preparation help you:

Another aspect of riding an audax that can be overlooked is how to answer an open-ended question while cycling uphill.  In my experience there are three approaches to this:

Whether you become proficient at asking open questions or answering them, remember that training is the key.

I hope this advice and received wisdom is beneficial in your preparation for London-Edinburgh-London 2013.  One day I might be confident enough to have a go, but for the time being I will content myself with volunteering at Thirsk.  In fact, it is likely that I'll get an opportunity to genuinely help tired riders; so say hello if you see me in July 2013.

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