It's only another 10km

When you are gently pootling along on a 600km bicycle ride, what is another 10km between friends?  The bridge between the A496 and Penrhyndeudraeth, crossing the Afon Dwyryd, is being repaired and is closed to all traffic including cyclists and pedestrians.  So here is the diversion!

We've been told to simply follow the diversion... but I can see a short cut and I'm wondering whether it is a good idea.  Instead of taking the A487 back into Penrhyndeudraeth and rejoining the route, why not take the B4410 and skip the dog-leg?  Genius?

Here are the routes and profiles, starting with the "official route":

From the river crossing the road looks quite lumpy, a bit up and down but no more than 40m at a time.  So, here is my "genius" alternative... (2km shorter note)

Look at that darn hill!  Who in their right mind would save 2km by riding that!  There is an extra 85m of climbing to save 2000m along the flat... I know which route I'm choosing.  And just in case I'm tempted on the evening...

It is fairly easy to see me just carry straight on here instead of turning right and tackling the hill which goes straight up.  On the other hand, I've just noticed a pub... if I stop for a pint, who knows which route I'll think is a good idea.

Wish me well.  The weather forecast for the weekend is not good.

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