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Dear Editor,

We saw hundreds of people come to the Stockton Cycling Festival this weekend and almost every aspect of cycling was covered. The support of local groups was fantastic; Stockton Wheelers, Cleveland Wheelers, Tees Valley Riders, CTC, The Hub, SkyRides, Breeze Rides, British Cycling and Sky ProCycling were all represented, as too were the racing clubs for the exciting road and circuit racing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many carbon fibre bikes – and that was just with the junior racers. There was a section for trials riding, an MTB course and even free lessons in unicycling from the Juggling and Unicycling Stockton on Tees (JUST) club. We have a lot of local bike shops and great support from them, including Halfords with a massive team of engineers providing free bicycling servicing. It was fun to watch team Halfords compete head-to-head in the WattBike challenge. We had a series of Sportives too thanks to Velo 29 – it was a totally superb weekend. I think that all those involved in organising this event should be thanked and celebrated. I also want to personally thank Peter Riddle of British Cycling for letting me have an Audax UK section on his British Cycling stand. Audax is such a niche event in the UK and very few people seem to have heard of it or understand it, so it was nice to have time to share this different aspect of our sport through British Cycling’s assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Graeme Holdsworth

 Peter Riddle, British Cycling

 Chris Froome's Stage Winning Bicycle

 The WattBike 500m Challenge

The closing stages of the Men's Elite Road Race

[update 18th July 2013 - letter was printed, sing "Yay!" for the Stockton Cycling Festival]
(Cycling Weekly Letters, Page 37, July 18, 2013)

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