AAA Award

With the Aldbrough Grimpeur I qualified for an Audax Altitude Award (AAA), as I had finally gained more than 20 points and therefore climbed over 20,000m in Audax events.  I would love to have a cloth badge to sew onto my saddle bag, but I'll have to make do with a copied image of it as they were lost when the organiser's house caught fire.  When he gets some more though... I'll be the first on the list.
My first AAA award!  Others in this table have gained a massive number of awards over time, for example Louise Rigby gained not just an AAA award, not even just a Triple AAA (that is 3 times an AAA), but actually gained 3x3 AAA (that's 9 AAA awards or 180 points) in one season.  In fact she went on to pass 200 points in the 2012 season which was only 11 months long... 200,000m climbing.  Wow.