Preparing some Tees & Cake

Get ever'ting ship-shape an' shine.
Check. Check one.
Hot shot! Boom shot all kind of shot
We don't take dat back, hehehehehehehe
Whatcha doin' here?
to all yout and yout
'member we don't talk foolishness we talk trut'
Long time wit'out dey a come for it now
You think tink we'd it done, ya tink we do it all
but hear now
Goin' out to all the wretched souls
Come again
Come again.

Check one.
Check one.
Check, check one.

Inspection (Check One) / Leftfield / Jan 1995

It's nice when you have a song running through your head that you enjoy - so as I headed out for a route check of the "Tees & Cake" 50km Brevet Populaire (planned for the 14th September), I was bouncing along happily to the sound of Leftfield, Inspection (Check One).
I followed the "cycle path" version out through Preston Park and was delighted to see that Preston Lane has been resurfaced, with a lovely smooth section of tarmac up to the left turn onto Yarm Road and the cycle lane on the main carriageway.

I'm reminded that the climb over the railway at Aislaby can come as a surprise to riders.  The surface was smooth all the way to Middleton St George, yet the road markings are still a mess in the village.  This is noted on the route sheet.

The drop to Neasham is fast and the well known short climb back out.  I was looking for signs of roadworks on this section as rumour has it the bridge at Over Dinsdale might be shut.  I stopped and talked to some highways workers by the bridge and they reassured me they were only doing the road not the bridge.  It is nice that they are filling some of the worst pot holes along that section past Girsby.

No problems crossing the B1264 and the run back from Hornby was clear.

They've replaced the speed hump and resurfaced the road out of Hilton which is a relief - much easier to navigate.

I did a quick ride of the circuit in about 1hr 50mins for the 56km.  I'm happy with the route, the road surface and that there are no significant roadworks going on.  I hope it stays this way until the 14th September.  We seem to be all set for the first running of the "Tees and Cake" 50km Audax.

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