Centrepoint - helping homeless young people

I really believe in the work Centrepoint are doing to support young people in their escape from poverty and the homelessness trap.  Centrepoint are there with these young people on every step of their journey, helping them become self-sufficient. 
So to highlight the work of Centrepoint, I am taking up a challenge this year; to make a personal journey of self-sufficiency and endurance and to over-come the difficulties this will present. Obviously I'm also hoping to have a nice time too, so my plan is to cycle:
This is why I'm asking my friends and family to make a donation; to support the fight for freedom from the traps of homelessness.  So far so good... I've completed the 200km event.  Next up, 29th March... 300km.  Please make a donation to keep me encouraged in the long dark hours of the night.

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