Cycling for coffee

On a warm sunny day in Spring, it is nice to take a ride with a friend for no other purpose than to spend time together.

Not all bicycle rides have to be long distance 'suffer-fest' events.  I love 'just riding around' (JRA) and if I can do that with friends then all the better.  On this particular day I was able to spend an hour or so with a close friend riding out for a cup of coffee at Suggitts in Great Ayton.

I have an aluminium racing bicycle I bought late in 2008.  Over the winter I gave it a thorough overhaul; replacing the cassette and chain, the middle chain ring, the gear and brake cables, the little cogs in the rear dérailleur and finally the bar-tape.  It now rides like a new bicycle, absolutely silently, each gear selection snappy and perfect, no skipping or slipping of the chain; beautiful.  While it was stripped back I washed and waxed the frame too - so even though it is covered in the war wounds of 20,000km cycling, it feels special to me.

Riding a beautiful bicycle in the sunshine with a good friend and chatting about everything and nothing.  Taking some time out of the day to enjoy the blessings of this world, the beauty of this little part of North Yorkshire; what could be better.

If you are reading this and your bicycle is gathering dust in the shed... take a few moments to pump the tyres up, dust it off, check the brakes and take an hour in the sunshine to recharge yourself and remember the freedom cycling brings.

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