Ingleby Incline

We ended the Easter Arrow a little further away from York than originally intended and now had the challenge of five bicycles and four people.  Some thoughts had to be gathered.  Some plans had to be made: we grabbed a couple of beers and ordered some grub.  The landlady of the Lion Inn offered storage for Chris' bike, which allowed us to simply cycle home.

Mark and Steve were heading back down Blakey Ridge, Dean and I decided to take the old railway line along the watershed to the top of Ingleby Incline, then we could drop down into the Tees valley.  This would be easier than the multiple climbs of Westerdale.  The gravel and stone route was a little rough for narrow touring tyres and we had to concentrate on picking the path correctly, but the views were stunning.  Away from everything.

After about 30 minutes we reached the top of Ingleby Incline, the old tramway for bringing ironstone ore from Rosedale to Teesside.  The empty wagons were hauled up the incline by the weight of the full wagons descending.  I know Dean and Ruth have climbed this route before, something I will probably have to do another time.  For now we were blessed with the views of the Tees Valley before dropping off the side of the Moors and hurtling to the bottom.  Okay, not hurtling... getting off and pushing our bicycles downhill.

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