Torn Tendons in Durham

We moved house in May, to Durham, and shortly after the move I tore some of the tendons in my right ankle.  This has hindered my plans for exploring and walking, as well as preventing me starting either the 3 Coasts 600 or the Mille Cymru.  Both of which were events which I was excited about. This is just a brief post to close out the previous entry, where I was excited about my preparation for the 3 Coasts... a post which is haunting me for my failure to start.  Four weeks after receiving the injury and I'm beginning to be able to walk again, but only gently.  I can cycle a bit, but not as far or fast as I would like.

Here is my Strava Heatmap for Durham just before I moved in.  One lonely line north and south as I followed the A167 to Alnmouth for a Spiritual Retreat.  I'm excited that soon I'll be back on the bicycle and filling in all these roads.