100,000 Page-views: A celebration!

The page-view count has exceeded 100,000 views for this blog since I launched it in Jan 2012.

I started this project because I wanted to keep a journal of some of the more interesting or challenging of my bicycle rides, something to look back on a flick through. A bit like a scrapbook of cycling stories. It has fulfilled that purpose for me, so to that end this blog is a success. I always hoped that other people might find some of these stories interesting, or even (dare to say it) inspirational.

To quote Kuklos' 39 Articles (#37): Why do we cycle? Because travel is the finest educational system of all; and cycling the cheapest, easiest, and most educational means of travel.

The other thing to highlight is the absence of adverts on this blog - I don't share these stories to make money. I hope to share my original creative content and through that share some of my joy and enthusiasm for riding a bike. One hundred thousand page-views... I'd be delighted if even one reader was inspired to go out into the countryside and ride a bike. Happy cycling everyone!
God bless.

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